Raette has been painting professionally since 2004. She works full time at developing a unique technique. Every painting is an exciting exploration in color. She both teaches painting and sells her own unique creations in Kalispell, Montana.

I first found satisfaction with creating art when I was a young child. There was never a time in life when I wasn’t drawing or building something. As an adult, I find that painting with oils and a palette knife is the most challenging, and this medium has held my attention longer than any other medium. I also love to experiment with new techniques in acrylics.

When painting in the mountains of Northwest Montana, "en pleine air", or at my art studio, time freezes and I am completely focused only on the subject. The focus keeps me grounded.

I aim to capture the beauty of North West Montana in raw form as the dramatic light changes the scene depending on the season and time of day. What can I say, I am a nature girl. I find the most peace while painting and exploring the vast wilderness of the region. I absolutely love to paint and will paint forever. It's the journey I was made for.

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